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Fisher Delta Research Center

The soils and topography of southeast Missouri offer researchers a unique opportunity to study cotton and rice production and irrigation. Researchers also are evaluating better soybean and corn cropping systems, and weed, insect and disease-control systems. Three locations make up this Center of 1,078 acres in a 12-county area that forms the Missouri Bootheel. Scientists at the Fisher Delta Research Center have gained recognition for developing improved soybean varieties, especially those with soybean cyst nematode resistance. The Center also maintains a regional soil and plant testing laboratory.

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Diving into Delta Agriculture

PORTAGEVILLE, MO. – A huge crowd took in the festivities during the 54th annual Fisher Delta Research Center Field Day on Wednesday, Sept. 2. US Sen. Roy Blunt speaks during the 54th annual Fisher…

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Delta Agriculture on the Move

Staying current with the rapid movement of agriculture can be a chore. The 54th annual Fisher Delta Research Center Field Day, set for Wednesday, Sept. 2, will look to help farmers wade through…

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A Growing Collaboration

The College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources' Agricultural Research Centers work tirelessly to provide relevant crop studies for the many different soil types around the state. When…

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A Record-Breaking Day

A joint effort between the University of Missouri Fisher Delta Research Center and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources led to a record-breaking event in late May. Nearly 29,700 pounds of…

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Virtual Tour of Delta Research Center