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Fisher Delta Research Center

The soils and topography of southeast Missouri offer researchers a unique opportunity to study cotton and rice production and irrigation. Researchers also are evaluating better soybean and corn cropping systems, and weed, insect and disease-control systems. Three locations make up this Center of 1,078 acres in a 12-county area that forms the Missouri Bootheel. Scientists at the Fisher Delta Research Center have gained recognition for developing improved soybean varieties, especially those with soybean cyst nematode resistance. The Center also maintains a regional soil and plant testing laboratory.

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The Science of a Soil Test

David Dunn holds soil samples ready to be analyzed at the MU Soil Fertility Lab at the Fisher Delta Research Center. With harvests winding down, the farm’s focus might turn away from the fields.…

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Helping out their community

Fisher Delta Research Center employees: Tina Clark, office support assistant, was mayor of nearby Wardell for six years from 2006 to 2012. Denis McCrate, agriculture associate, has been the mayor of…

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53rd Annual Field Day

The 53rd Annual Fisher Delta Field Day was held at the center near Portageville on Sept. 2, 2014. The morning started with a breakfast and led into educational talks and tours around the…

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Moving Delta Agriculture Forward

At the 53rd Annual Field Day, four educational tours will start at 8:30am and will feature informational talks and demonstrations. The Bootheel region of southeast Missouri is unique and in many ways…

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Virtual Tour of Delta Research Center